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CMI Music & Audio Appointed LAG Distributor in Australia

CMI Music & Audio, one of our key supply partners have secured representation of French Guitar brand LAG guitars. LAG represents a fantastic value proposition to the market constructing guitars that are both affordable and high quality. LAG have been building guitars since 1981 in Occitan country. a colourful region of southern France. A part of the ALGAM family of brands, LAG have been solidly building their profile and in 2016 the famous French luthier Maurice Dupont joined the company. His arrival in the LAG factory was a real revolution. With his title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (best Craftsman of France),he soon transformed the 110 workers into 110 very conscientious luthiers to take LAG to the next level.

The Invention of their HYVIBE series has been a revolution in modern guitar manufacturing blending 21st century technology, with classic guitar building.

"It is not surprising that at a time when standard telephones have evolved into power smartphones, an identical digital phenomenon would finally happen to the acoustic guitar. By combining Doctor Adrien Mamou Mani's 7+ years of research at the famous IRCAM institute in Paris, with 40 years of guitar manufacturing expertise, Lâg offers all guitar lovers a new category of instruments providing the best in technology and lutherie design."

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