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With so many audio companies now either building their entire range, or the majority of their parts in Asia, Aston Microphones has taken a different approach, showcasing a range of studio and live microphones that inspire a different mode of thought when it comes to studio investment. Unlike most of their competitors, Aston Microphones designs and manufacturers their range of revolutionary microphones in the UK. This has given Aston a whole new set of opportunities and challenges to create and market a truely sexy set of products that are manufactured to the highest standards.

Taking this very different approach has enabled Aston to source and test locally made precision parts that are unique to Aston and the UK, so from the ground up, Aston parts and techniques are a resource not available to Chinese manufacturers.

One of the owners – James Young, has taken the lead on the Aston project since he parted ways with sE Electronics several years ago. We were lucky enough to meet James at NAMM this year in Anaheim (California) and check out the growing range of Aston products, including studio and live microphones, a range of isolation/reflection filters and high quality accessories such as the all new stainless steel pop filter that is acid etched and coming to Macron Music very soon.

James is passionately creative and fiercely focused when it comes to how products are designed and manufactured making his persona seemingly like something created from a love affair between Gandolf and Mad Max… brilliantly smart but with a twinkle of methodical craziness to bring great ideas into reality.

In our opinion, the most unique product offering from Aston is the Halo, a product derived from recycled material, but offering something so new that there are really no competitors. The Halo is a portable acoustic booth made from PET felt. Unlike other products on the market, the Halo has a vast array of features, including the mounting system and overall coverage that make it an incredible option for recording artists looking for an effective way to turn any space into a recording studio. James and the Aston team have really taken the reflection filter to the next level since leaving sE, offering the egg shape materials and mounting to ensure no sneaky bouncing wave forms jump into your recording.

Speaking of recording microphones, Aston has a few of them, firstly 2 condenser microphones in the Origin and Spirit and then the Starlight, a pencil microphone perfect for both live and recording applications. The Origin and Spirit are high quality studio condensers with built-in shock mount and precision hardware to give you results you would expect from a much more expensive setup and the Starlight is the world’s first pencil microphone with laser targeting so you can replicate setups with ease.

As we have discovered ourselves, the laser targeting is not just a ‘James Bond’ optional extra with no use, but actually ensures that people that are used to setting up on the go can now rely on the laser to angle and set distances for on stage setups so the sound can be replicated again and again. On top of this, the Starlight has been packed with existing and new technologies to ensure it represents the absolute pinnacle of microphone technology, such as the sintered metal head which is a feature that has rarely been seen since the 70’s and now can be utilised much more effectively thanks to exacting manufacturing processes that Aston performs.

All in all, we have been extremely pleased at the look, feel and results of our new range of Aston microphones here at Macron Music. The range seems bespoke yet affordable, forward thinking without forgetting the past and ready to tackle anything you throw at them… quite literally, you should see some of the videos that James has recorded where they beat the hell out of their mics and still are able to record perfectly time and time again.

If you are thinking of upgrading or adding a microphone to your setup, visit us at Macron online or in our showroom and have one of our staff take you through the shaken – not stirred range of Aston Microphones!

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