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Welcome to the Macron Music Back-To-School Guide! It has been an incredible year at Macron Music, with our second location opening in Melbourne at the historic GH Music site. This has meant a lot of changes to our stock and has enabled us to widen our range of student instruments from world leading audio companies including Yamaha for our Brass and Woodwind customers, but also some host of new options for student playing every type of acoustic, electric and electronic musical instrument.

Repairs and Service

Like any machine, your musical instrument needs attention to keep it working as finely tuned as the day you brought it into your life. We have service and repair centres in both our Melbourne and Erina stores, where our teams are ready to setup, service and repair a range of instruments. The Summer break is a perfect opportunity to get your instrument ready for another year of action and we have a range of servicing and repair options to help you get the best out of your instrument.

Whether you simply need a basic clean and service to keep your brass, woodwind or string'd instrument working at its best, or a full blown repair to bring your instrument back to its best, Macron has you covered. As our business expands, we are currently offering different servicing options for our two locations. To find out what we can achieve for you and your instrument, please visit our Repairs and Servicing pages below.

Erina Store Repairs and Service
Contact Us

Phone Us - 1300 MACRON (1300 622 766)

Our guitar repair specialist Adam Lang works in-store full time. With masses of experience working with guitars, he can do anything from a restring to a custom pickup and wiring install and more. Bring your guitar in anytime during the week and Adam will do his best to have it ready by that afternoon. A new setup by Adam can bring new life to your guitar, so treat yourself and let Adam work his magic on your beast. We also provide a brass and woodwind service through our dedicated external repairer Diane Gardiner, who picks up and drops off instruments from our store. For more details about our Erina servicing, please visit our website link above.

  • Guitar - service, repair, setup, stringing
  • Brass and Woodwind - repair, tuning, polishing, piano removals (provided by our external repairer Diane Gardiner)

Melbourne Store Repairs and Service
Phone Us - (03) 9372 6664

Our Melbourne servicing department is lead by Matt Issacs, who has a long and varied history in the world of instrument repair and servicing. Working here at our Melbourne store with a small team of instrument mechanics, Matt utilises a range of professional techniques and tools to ensure your valves, corking, connections and metal are all in-shape and ready to go for the new year. Our Melbourne team work on a range of instruments as listed below. For more details about our Melbourne servicing, please visit our website link above.

  • Guitar/Bass - service, repair, setup, stringing, electrics
  • Drums - service, repair, setup, drilling, 
  • Brass and Woodwind - repair, tuning, polishing, piano removals
  • Strings - restring, setup

Guitar Cases

If you are purchasing your first guitar then its also important to look at how you are going to store and carry it. Traditionally if the guitar is only being used at home then a guitar stand is the best option so the guitar is out and ready to play. If you are going to and from school and gigs or guitar lessons then we need to look at case options. Below is a simple chart to show the available options. For a full list of all case options available, please click here

1/2 Classical $25      
3/4 Classical $25   $149  
4/4 Classical $25 $139 $179 $249
Electric $25 $149 $199 $249
Dreadnought $25 $149 $179 $249
Bass $25 $199 $229 $279



We understand that you aren't mind readers and sometimes the hard thought out gift just isn't what the recipient wanted or needed. We are happy to return or exchange any item that has the packaging in tact and that is returned to us in the exact same way it left.

Please note that guitars may by unboxed and played carefully but any removal of plastic covering pick guards, pickups or any other part of the guitar deems the guitar un-returnable. Boxed electronic items can be carefully unpacked but all packaging must be kept in tact to ensure safe transport back to us. We recommend insuring any shipment back to us in case of damage which you are liable for. Our limit on returns is 30 Days and all you have to do is email to get an RMA number and return the items to PO Box 3112 Erina NSW for a full refund or replacement.

Any items that are DOA or have any issues within the warranty period will be returned at Macron's cost and either a replacement or refund will be issued depending on the case. We cannot process online returns from Christmas until after the 2nd of January so if there is an issue email us at and we can start the process for you.

Delivery Options

Here at Macron Music, we have options to have your delivery sent to you via our network of logistics companies. To find out the delivery options we have available, please refer to our Delivery Information by clicking here.

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